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We're Green

Environmentally-Friendly Practices and Insulation Products

Made From 85% Recycled Paper

The cellulose insulation used at Jayne Brothers has been green since before green was "cool" or "hot." What makes it green? Recycled paper of all kinds is what's used to make cellulose insulation.

Highest Recycled Content of Any Insulation

Paper is the single largest component of the residential waste stream. Cellulose insulation is 85% recycled paper fiber. Most fiberglass materials have no more than 35% recycled content and foam is virtually 0% recycled content.

Least Amount of Energy to Produce

The energy required to produce cellulose is 10 times less than fiberglass and 30 times less than foam.

Smallest Manufacturing Carbon Footprint

The cellulose manufacturing process uses electricity and releases virtually 0% CO2 into the atmosphere. Fiberglass manufacturing uses gas or electric furnaces that must run constantly to maintain temperatures, even during non-production hours.

Lowest Jobsite Waste

All excess products are vacuumed up and re-used. Foam and fiberglass trimmings end up in job site dumpsters and eventually in landfills and do not decompose.
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