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New Construction

Insulweb Installation


Insulweb gets applied to the wall studs on the interior of the house to receive the insulation. The cellulose wood fiber is then blown into the cavity between the insulweb and exterior plywood sheathing, using the dense pack method. The insulation in blown through a hose under 3.5 lbs of pressure to ensure the wall cavity in dense packed entirely. The insulweb material used is rated for the sheetrock glue to go through the product thus holding the drywall properly. The insulweb doesn't get removed before drywall is installed.


When insulating new construction homes there are 2 ways to install the attic insulation. First, insulweb is applied to ceilings using the same method as the exterior walls. Secondly, the attics can be insulated once drywall is installed. Jayne Brothers takes pride in working with builders and accommodating their needs when it comes to timing.
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